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Food & Beverage Production

food and beverage production

About Food & Beverage Production

Food and Beverage Production certificate course is designed to help students to work in the catering industry. Students can learn to prepare, cook and serve all kinds of food, or specialize in patisserie, producing Continental, Thai, Chinese Indian and American food preparation and presentation. Also planning menu and production procedures.

Course Content

Introduction to the art of Cookery
Culinary history- Development of the culinary art-middle ages to modern cookery, Menu terms, Kitchen hierarchy/brigade.

Kitchen Equipment
Types of equipment –special equipment- refrigeration-kitchen machinery, storage tables, hand tools, weighing & measuring, pot ash, diagrams, uses, maintenance.

Basic Principle of Cooking
Aims of objective of cooking, Effect of heat on cooking, Heat transfer, preparation, Kitchen culinary terms.

Basic Principle of Cutting & Chopping
Types of cut & uses
Methods of Cooking
Aims and Objectives of Cooking Food- Importance, Classifications-Principles Equipment required- Methods of cooking-boiling-roasting-poaching, brasing-grilling-baking-roasting-broilling-stewing-sauteing-blanching-steaming-micro-waving etc.

Basic preparations
Pre-preparation of Ingredients- Sub division, combining and mixing-Stocks- Types & Uses, Sauces- Classification and Importance- Soups- Classification, Importance, Salad.

Food Commodities
Classification with examples and uses in cookery- Cereals, pulses, vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, eggs, fats, herbs, and spices, foundation ingredients- their characteristics their uses in cookery.


  • Govt. Certificate
  • Industry Visit
  • Internship Facilities

Course duration

4 months, 146 hours




March/ June/ Sep/ Dec




Tk. 3500 × 4 (Month)

Bangladesh Skill Development Institute

House# 2B, Road# 12, Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209
Phone: 9103901, 8110818, 8152105, 01713493243, 01713493246, [email protected]

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Duration: 4 months
Video: 146 hours
Level: Beginner