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Realities Of Negotation

Realities Of Negotiation

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the different types of negotiation.
  • Distinguish the difference between asking and negotiation.
  • List core negotiation practices.
  • Describe tactical empathy.
  • Explain the principles of influence.
  • Create an influence plan.
  • Analyze conflict styles.
  • Recognize contentious negotiation tactics.

Workshop Contents:

  • The basics of Negotiation
  • Getting ready for a negotiationi
  • Engaging your associates
  • Essential Negotiation Tips and Strategies
  • Worlplace Application


K M Hasan Ripon

Mr. Hasan is a researcher, author and practitioner of SOFT SKILLS since 2000 and in its implication, he has already received intensive training from TAFE, Australia, Stockholm University, Sweden and Tongi University, China. He is very much known as the enthusiastic and dynamic Trainer and speaker on a wide variety of topics related to ICT, Entrepreneurship and employability Skills. To know more about him please visit


For new Executive transitioning from University to the corporate, creating a professional image is not always spontaneous. In this course, Soft Skills couch and TAFE Australian certified master trainer for Teaching & Education Mr. K M Hasan Ripon designed the course in such a way so that the fresh executive can get tips and guidance which will help them successfully navigate the start of their professional career. In the course, Mr. Hasan will highlight the main differences between campus life and being part of the workforce, and explains how to develop the right mindset for dealing with workplace challenges and getting ahead in their career.

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Duration: 3 hours
Level: Beginner