Emotional Intelligence

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Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze the brain science behind emotional intelligence.
  • Identify and assess your emotions.
  • Determine how to exercise emotional self-control.
  • Identify your triggers and how to respond the them.
  • Assess how others respond at work.
  • Determine how to maximize team performance using emotional intelligence.
  • Discover how to catalyze change.
  • Workshop Contents:

  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
  • Knowing Yourself
  • Managing Yourself
  • Understanding Others
  • Leading Others


K M Hasan Ripon

Mr. Hasan is a researcher, author and practitioner of SOFT SKILLS since 2000 and in its implication, he has already received intensive training from TAFE, Australia, Stockholm University, Sweden and Tongi University, China. He is very much known as the enthusiastic and dynamic Trainer and speaker on a wide variety of topics related to ICT, Entrepreneurship and employability Skills. To know more about him please visit http://kmhasanripon.info


Emotions are all around us in the office, and it's important for leaders to understand how to attach them to cultivate productivity and positive relationships. In this course you will able understand how to boost your emotional quotient (EQ) to better lead teams, work with peers, and manage up. Learn what emotional intelligence is and how it factors in at work, and discover concrete techniques for raising your own EQ. This includes perceiving yourself accurately, exercising emotional self-control, understanding and managing your triggers, and developing empathy. Then, turn those lessons around to build your awareness of others and become a more inspiring—and effective—leader.

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