Developing Professional Image for Front Desk Executives

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Learning Objectives:

  • Give clear guidelines for creating professional image.
  • Provides tips to improve performances
  • Provide guidelines to enhance personal productivity
  • The first 90 days of Building a strategy
  • Understand the best practices
  • Workshop Contents:

  • Features of a professional image
  • What will damage the organization’s image
  • Etiquette for facial expression, Body language, Telephone, Email
  • How to handle difficult people with Diplomacy and Tact


K M Hasan Ripon

Mr. Hasan is a researcher, author and practitioner of SOFT SKILLS since 2000 and in its implication, he has already received intensive training from TAFE, Australia, Stockholm University, Sweden and Tongi University, China. He is very much known as the enthusiastic and dynamic Trainer and speaker on a wide variety of topics related to ICT, Entrepreneurship and employability Skills. To know more about him please visit


There are lot of pressures for the executives specially those who works in the front desk and other customer handling services. All the phone lines are ringing, important notice is coming from inside office staffs and coworkers are asking questions and making requests. Suddenly customer comes and asking services poor putting complaints. In the above circumstances, many front desk officers’ other staffs fail which directly affects the customer services. How the front staffs can perform and ensure smart operation. This training will help them to manage the simultaneous operation, developing smart approaches and how they can ensure effective customer services.

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