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What Will I Learn?

  • The Basics of Accounting — linking the accounting equation to business applications
  • The Accounting Cycle — documenting and tracking business transactions and understanding how those transactions are reflected on financial statements
  • The Balance Sheet — understanding its managerial objectives and usage
  • The Income Statement — how to define revenue and expen se and effectively use income statement ratios to evaluate profit and loss
  • The Statement of Cash Flow — an understanding of cash flow and non -cash expenses, and the differences between cash and profit levels
  • Cost Accounting — why it is necessary and how to use it as a management tool
  • Fixed Assets — what they are and how to evaluate and account for them
  • Budgeting — the basic budgeting process, cost/price/volume relationships and how they impact the bottom line, break -even analysis, and more.


  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Basic Internet browsing Knowledge
  • To know and to use the knowledge of ICT to everyday life.
  • To know about the cumulative change of ICT day by day over the world.
  • To know about the system of Information Pass and get ideas of solving problems by using it in our daily life.
  • To be able to use the practical experience of ICT for removing poverty problem and bringing success to life.
  • To make Future Leaders
Course Description

Bangladesh Skill Development Institute(BSDI) proudly introduced Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Course for the Students. Information is the key to meet any target and to take any challenge for the future. We just have to use RIGHT INFORMATION ON RIGHT TIME.
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) study is now very much popular in developing countries like Bangladesh. From this point of view, the Government of Bangladesh included ICT course in the syllabus of class six to Higher Secondary Class (HSC). We hope that ICT course for HSC level will increase students’ IT knowledge and will motivate them to do practical works on that.

Training Overview & Outline

Lesson: 01 (Types and components of computer systems)
  • Hardware and software
  • Components of a general-purpose computer
  • Operating systems
  • Different types of computer including
  • Recent developments in ICT
Lesson: 02 (Input and output devices)
  • Input devices
  • Suitable uses of the input devices stating the advantages and disadvantages
  • Output devices
  • Suitable uses of the output devices stating the advantages and disadvantages
Lesson: 03 (Storage devices and media)
  • Backing storage media and their associated devices
  • Uses of the storage media, including types of access and access speeds
  • Comparative advantages and disadvantages of using storage media
  • Backup and need for taking backups
  • Main/internal memory and backing storage
Lesson: 04 (Computer networks)
  • Router and its purpose
  • The use of WIFI and Bluetooth in networks
  • Set up a small network involving access to the internet, browser, email and an ISP
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using common network environments
  • Terms user id and password, stating their purpose and use
  • Methods of communication
  • Local Area Network, Wireless Local Area Network and Wide Area Network
  • Intranets and the internet
  • Network devices
  • Confidentiality and security of data, including problems
  • Encryption, authentication techniques
Lesson: 05 (Data types)
  • Data types
  • Appropriate data types
  • File, record, field and key field
  • Database structures and relational tables
  • Analogue data and digital data
Lesson: 06 (The effects of using ICT)
  • Software Copyright
  • Hacking
  • Employment Patterns
  • IT in the home
  • Information from the Internet
  • Health and Safety
Lesson: 07 (The ways in which ICT is used)
  • Software Copyright
  • Hacking
  • Employment Patterns
  • IT in the home
  • Information from the Internet
  • Health and Safety
Lesson: 08 (Systems analysis and design)
  • Process of creating a new, or updated, piece of software
  • Process of developing a piece of software

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