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What Will I Learn?

  • The Basics of Accounting — linking the accounting equation to business applications
  • The Accounting Cycle — documenting and tracking business transactions and understanding how those transactions are reflected on financial statements
  • The Balance Sheet — understanding its managerial objectives and usage
  • The Income Statement — how to define revenue and expen se and effectively use income statement ratios to evaluate profit and loss
  • The Statement of Cash Flow — an understanding of cash flow and non -cash expenses, and the differences between cash and profit levels
  • Cost Accounting — why it is necessary and how to use it as a management tool
  • Fixed Assets — what they are and how to evaluate and account for them
  • Budgeting — the basic budgeting process, cost/price/volume relationships and how they impact the bottom line, break -even analysis, and more.


  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Basic Internet browsing Knowledge


Objective of this Training
  • Organizing the House Keeping Department
  • Introduction Layout of Housekeeping Department
  • Organization of a House Keeping Department

Job Description of House Keeping Personnel

01 (Qualities of House Keeping Staff)
02 (Rooms and Floors-Practices and Procedures)
03 (Rules on a guest floor)
04 (House Keeping Control Desk)
05 (Floor Linen Room)
06 (Public Area)
07 (Linen Room)
08 (Par Stocks)
09 (Inventory Control)
10 (Exchange of Linen and Uniform)
11 (House keeping Practices)
12 (Lost and Found Procedure)
13 (Cleaning Method)
14 (Cleaning Agents)
15 (Cleaning Equipment and Standards)
16 (Pest Control)
17 (Other House Keeping Knowledge)
18 (Fire Prevention)
19 (Floral Art)
20 (First Aid)

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  • On-Demand Video
  • Training Materials ( Hard & Soft Copies )
  • Free Follow-up Training
  • Expert Training Resources

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