Cost of Quality & Waste Management

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Research shows that about 80% of companies spend 20 - 30% of their operational costs on poor quality. Traditional costing systems are seldom organized to support quality improvements and returns on investments in quality are often unknown. Companies know when there is wastage from poor quality, but are unclear about quantifying them, to identify critical areas for improvements. Management therefore is unable to make objective decisions for investing in quality improvements to reduce waste and increase profits. This course focuses on identifying the cost of poor quality, and the setting up of systems to allow management to take action and pinpoint quality improvement opportunities.

Apart from the savings to be made in the production process, there are also many opportunities in the other operations of a manufacturing plant, such as administration, stores, logistics, organization, transportation, etc. This program is intended to develop the skills of manufacturing staffs to identify and work towards the elimination of wastes in its many forms.


  • Personnel who will be charged with the responsibility to implement quality costing - from Accounting, Quality, Operations, Sales and Purchasing.
  • Management Personnel

Course Outline

  • Quality as a business strategy
  • Traditional perception and new realizations
  • Quality, business operating costs, and profitability
  • Reasons to determine and evaluate quality costs
  • Costs of quality as a management tool
  • Quality cost categories
  • Identifying quality costs
  • Hidden cost of quality
  • Application of basic cost of quality accounting principles to quality management
  • Business information systems: uses and types of information, variation reporting, use of reports and reporting systems.
  • Cost of quality reports: report format, interval, and distribution.
  • Implementation phases
  • Finding quality cost data
  • Barriers to implementation
  • Common measurement bases and sensitivity considerations
  • Incorporating the use of ratios, summary and detailed reports.
  • Tabular summary and graphical presentation of cost of quality data
  • Use of cost of quality information for performance analysis
  • Integrating quality and productivity improvement
  • Applying cost of quality information to decision making
  • Reducing cost of quality


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